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(Freya's POV continued)

I have to try and be wise about this situation, the man I choose will not only be my protector but my lover as well. Ugh, this is so pressuring! What if I choose the wrong guy? What if he only wants my body? What if I get so blinded by love, he uses me to get power? Ugh, the worst thing is, I don't even know what the curse will do. Will it kill me? Will it threaten humanity? Wait.... is it even a curse?!!! I mean, for all I know it can be a prophecy!

I snap back to reality, holding my forehead in stress and frustration. I make my way down the long hallway looking for Keona. I see her sitting on a ledge near the garden overlooking the city as it shines with blinding lights.

Freya: K-Keona? I say hesitantly.

She looks back at me with piercing hazel green eyes and a calm gaze.

Keona: Yes, Freya? She says with a slight smile.

I walk up to her with the cool wind hitting my face. I gently sit next to her facing the city.

Freya: I'm-I'm afraid...

Keona: There's nothing to fear, I will guard you with my life. She says boldly as she puts her arm around me, bringing me closer to her.

Freya: And I'm very thankful for that it's just... I'm afraid of what is awaiting to happen. I say putting my head on her shoulder.

Keona: me too, luce mia. But the warrior you choose will stand and protect you for as long as you live. And don't forget, I will be with you every step of the way.

Freya: I-... I know it's just... I'm so scared . I say as the tears run down my face.

Keona: I know you are, I would be too, luce mia. She says hugging me.

Keona: You'regoing to turn 20 tomorrow ....she says looking away.

Freya: I know...I can't believe it! I say looking up at her with a bright smile and wide eyes.

Keona: Ha, they grow up so fast... she says shaking her head and smirking.

Keona: But you know what that means. she says looking down at me with a serious expression.

Freya: yes, I know, it's nearly time for me to choose. but that'swhy I came to you today....so I can get youradvice.

Keona: well, I can't really tell which man to choose but....follow your instincts and gut feeling.

Freya: you mean follow your heart?

keona: I would've said that, but this is not the case. but if that's what you believe in... thendon't stop before it too late...

Freya: what? what do you mean?

I pull away,facing her direction. looking right into her eyes. there's a glint of regret... sadness and is that... fear?

keona: nevermind.... its nothing.

freya: keona!

keona: i said its nothing! she yelled sharply.

keona: it's late, you should go to sleep, its your big day tomorrow.

freya: i- fine. i said irritated.

although keona's stubborn and very secretive.... I love how close we are.... after all these years who'd of thought we'd become more trusting of each other. I'm so glad I have a sister so smart, strong and understanding...

But I wish she would take off her mask.

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