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'Maybe we all deserve to die?' A boy with wavy light blue hair, with a hint of green, thinks to himself as he sits at a bar. He takes a drink of his beer. 'God this shit tastes so gross.' He sighs. 'Maybe I should get something other than this if its going to be my last day on earth..' He waves for the bartender.

"What can I get you?" The bartender asks. She had long red hair. Her breasts almost popping out of her shirt. A heart tattoo was on her left boob. She smiles down at him.

He groans as he looks away. Trying not to look at her tits. 'Great..can't believe she has to work here..'

"Devon?" She laughs. "I can't believe I didn't recognize you!" She bends over the bar. "Say, if you want..after this we can go back to my place like old times..." She whispers in his ear.

He shakes his head. "No.." He groans. 'I hate her..' He takes a deep breath. "Can I get some fries? Cheesy?"

"Sure!" She laughs as she walks away.

"Breaking news!"

'Great..another one of the murders that everyone is talking about.' He ignores the TV unlike everyone else around him who can't take their eyes off of it. 'Zombies..'

"I'm telling you Harry! This is just crazy!" The news woman tells the man beside her as she looks scared. "Those poor people!"

Harry laughs. "Well, if that guy thinks he can try me than I challenge him!" He looks into the camera. "Hear that killer? I challenge you grow a pair and come at me!"

Devon looks up at the TV. 'Oh?..a challenge?' He grins.

"Here you go!" The bartender sets some hot cheesy fires in front of him. She looks up at the TV. "I hate the news. It's always sad!" She shakes her head as she puts her hand on her hip.

He takes a bite of one of the fires as he doesn't take his eye's off the TV. 'Challenge?...This could be fun..'

After eating and drinking a little, Devon walks down the streets of Michigan. 'This part of the city smells of shit.' He kicks a Pepsi can. He spots some thugs breaking into a nearby car.

"What you lookin at man?" One of them yells at him.

'Just ignore them. They aren't you're problem...at least for now..' He continues to walk down the streets.

At the news station.

"Wow Harry!" A woman with big tits smiles big at him. "I can't believe you just challenged the killer!" She shakes her boobs a little.

He grins. "Well, lets just say I like to live dangerously." he playfully bites at her.

"Oh!" She giggles as she rubs his arm.

"Say toots! Want to go back with me to my place?" He winks at her. "I promise to keep you safe from the killer."

She sighs. "I wish! But my nan has to have her bath. And I'm the one that has to give it to her."

"Ew!" He looks at her disgusted. "Fine." He stands. "I guess I'll just go home alone." He walks away from her.

She groans as she watches him leave. "Stupid nan!" She stomps her foot.

When walking out of the station he winks at some girls walking by. "Evening ladies!" He clicks his

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