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Boom bam boom pow.

The sound of chaos outside of the ship does not lessen from the beginning of the event. The only thing that comfort Michael is that he's alone in this piece of junk they called spaceship. Usually, even with only one man, there must be someone who will be guarding this ship since it still belongs to a rich merchant. But because of the battle outside, everyone hides inside their own home. Remembering the battle outside he curses to himself. "Fuck why the hell did I go inside this junk, I don't even know if this thing still works"

Suddenly just like a protest to Michael remark the inside of the ship starting to brighten up, all the lights are turning on. Michael starts to think that there was an AI in this piece of junk if not for the voice that follows. "Hey, it's still working! Hurray to me"

Michael starts sneaking up inside the ship to confirm whose that voice belongs to if they belong to. What he sees make him surprised, a girl around his age with a silver hair and a petite body is tinkering with the ship's reactor core. Sneaking his way across the room without the girl knowledge he stands behind the girl and grabs her mouth using his left hand while his right hand is holding a knife in her throat. "Answer quietly, slowly and clearly, why are you in here and what are you doing?"

"Mmmm mmm mmm" She thrashes around making Michael tighten his grips more. "I said quietly," Michael said before he starts to open her mouth slowly. "Pfuhaaa ahh hah, what is wrong with you doing something like that to someone you just met, first release me and we will talk" After releasing her and sheathing his knife, he finds something to sit on and start asking a question "Now, what are you doing in here?" The girl seems startled with what Michael just said and ask back "What!? Who are you to ask me that, this is my ship, well more precisely my father ship. Nevermind that I am the one who should ask what are you doing inside MY ship"

"So you are that merchant daughter, why aren't you inside a bunker like the rest of your family, don't you want to be safe. Besides for a merchant daughter, what are you gonna do with the ship?" Michael ask again seem more and more curious."Nah, they just a stepfamily anyway and he takes me in just to fill a quota or something like that be-" *shake* boom *shake*

"Oh yeah almost forgot, if you can fly this shit than I suggest you to fly right this instant. We better leave this planet today before the whole army of Primeval Federation is here" Michael said while he moves closer to the windows and starts to observe the area around the ship.

Dead bodies, dead body everywhere. Because he lives in this planet that doesn't have any natural resource, they don't even have a planetary defense system nor an army to protect the citizen so all the bodies Michael sees outside consist mostly of the citizen of the planet.

"Hey whitey, how much longer before we leave?" Michael said while playing with th

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