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drcdrx > Exploring The Void > 2 Chapter : 2
On a distant planet, in far away galaxy, outside of the atmosphere, inside a little ship. We can see two people having a conversation.

"Now care to tell me your name?" Michael asks while extending his arm for a handshake. "Sarah" After going through those short but intense flight together Sarah finally opens up about her name. "Um Michael we may have some problem," Said Sarah.

"What is it? Pirate, Federation, Meteor, or what?" Ask Michael with clearly surprised voice hearing that they have a problem just after they escaped one. "It's the fuel" Reply Sarah lacking Michael enthusiasm. "The what, why didn't you check that before boarding the ship?"

"Well to my defence there's a war outside when I arrive at the ship and getting mad will not help us" Retort Sarah. "Yeah I get it but what the hell should we do in this situation, we can not go back to the planet and even though we want to go back we can't"

"First off, calm yourself down. We still have a beacon we can turn on"

"Beacon? That's will call the pirate to our location"

"How do you know that? We don't even turn that on yet"

"Because in this part of the galaxy there little to no merc-"

Michael's voice got cut off when Sarah ignoring his warning turn on the beacon they are just talking about.

"What the fuck are you doing? You stupid cunt"

"Hey hey hey relax, wait hey" With that last word coming from Sarah he runs after her, Sarah not knowing what to do she finally run away from Michael. If someone sees them inside they look just like a cat and a mouse.

After exhausting Sarah, Michael finally got the opportunity catches her but before he can do anything else their ships shake. And when they go beside the window to see what is happening they see a big spaceship with a metal tentacle coming from one of the many openings and it seems like the tentacle is pulling them in. "What did I tell you, you stupid shit"

"Bu-but how?" Sarah is speechless how does this man know this, she thought that he just too paranoid so she doesn't listen to what he says.

"Forget it we already got caught might as well make the most of it. Take those metal pipe and wait beside the door with me I got a plan"

And then the plan failed, because of Sarah inexperience when the pirate opens the door she immediately swings the metal pipe hitting nothing but air that startled the man who opens the door.

Because of that, they raise their gun and point it at Sarah. With nothing but metal pipe she swiftly surrenders herself, she throws the metal pipe back inside their ships and walks outside with her arm around the back of her head.

"Now now sweety, are you the only one inside the ship," Said one of the men holding a gun.

"N-no there's someone else waiting at the door" Answer Sarah terrified.

"What the fuck!" Voice coming from the ships "Why did you tell them that"

"Hey watch your mouth, our boss hates it when someone curses on his ships"

"Makes me Fuck fuck shit fuck you" The curses goes on until some man with a taser go inside a ship and then all of the sudden the voice stop. When the man comes out he was dragging another man.

"C'mon bring them to the boss and don't forget to check for valuable on their ships"

"You got it"

Inside a big spaceship can be seen multiple men carrying guns is dragging a man and a woman. After about 10 minutes of slamming his head on the floor, Michael finally woke up and when he sees Sarah he wants to curse at that woman but when he finally sees her face, he stops and finally remembers that the woman with him is a merchant daughter she must never be in this situation before, with that thinking Michael forgive her inside his heart. While he was thinking that, they finally arrive at the captain cabin.

"What?" The captain yelled at his crew.

"We brought the people inside the ships"

"Good" After saying that, the boss pulls out something looks like a handgun but with a syringe, he injects t

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