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Chapter 741 - King Zhang Visits

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After the exchange, the Emperor changed the subject and told Yan Zhonghua, “I already know all about the North Land’s matter.”

The Emperor had a hold on the world and naturally had spies that could tell him everything he wanted to know.

Yan Zhonghua said, “Since Father Emperor already knows about it, I won’t say more. Evil Qi cultivators — this matter is by no means normal. The situation is urgent. Without asking Father Emperor for permission, I have decided to invite the major forces of the Nine Lands to come to the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital to discuss the matter of killing evil spirits.”

The Emperor looked at Yan Zhonghua faintly, “After all these years, it’s indeed time to meet those rulers again. But how can you guarantee that there will be no trouble at the conference?”

Yan Zhonghua said, “I set the location on the floating platform.”

After entering the floating platform, one’s cultivation base would be forcibly suppressed at the Foundation Stage.

The Emperor shook his head. “Inappropriate. Each clan and sect will inevitably bring many people. The strong experts will come together. One wrong step will lead to chaos and turmoil.”

Yan Zhonghua paused, then asked, “Where does Father Emperor think is the most suitable place?”

The Emperor: “Myriad Dao Academy.”

Yan Zhonghua was silent.

You Ming looked at Lin Xuanzhi. “Myriad Dao Academy has never been involved in worldly affairs, and they are located overseas. How can they provide us with such convenience?”

The Emperor said, “It depends on your ability.”

Yan Zhonghua said hesitantly, “I’m afraid this matter won’t be easy to handle.”

The Emperor looked at Yan Zhonghua with deep meaning, “Myriad Dao Academy has become a more detached existence in recent years. It doesn’t intervene in worldly affairs, nor does it listen to any clans. It has already become an existence surpa.s.sing the Royal Heavenly Capital. If you don’t take this opportunity to suppress Myriad Dao Academy, I’m afraid that in the future, the world will only know about Myriad Dao Academy and not the Yan family.”

As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of the few people present changed bitterly.

Yan Tianhen felt dumb in his heart. In front of so many people, the Emperor actually expressed his intention to subdue Myriad Dao Academy. This could be said to be very arrogant, not to mention that Lin Xuanzhi was still a nominal elder of Myriad Dao Academy.

What did the Emperor mean by this?

Lin Xuanzhi understood a lot more than Yan Tianhen.

In name, the Emperor was nominally suppressing Myriad Dao Academy, but in fact, he probably wanted to suppress Lin Xuanzhi.

Is it because of Reincarnation Palace, or because of my ident.i.ty as the next leader of the Xuan clan?

Lin Xuanzhi would never simply think that the Emperor’s hostility to him came from his relations.h.i.+p with Yan Tianhen. Ev

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