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Chapter 1124: Loneliness Is A Party For One

However, the Chairman’s health deteriorated rapidly, especially in the past six months. He no longer had the heart to manage the business at all, leaving the entire Imperial Phoenix Group under Miss Luna’s management.

Rumors had it that the bosses of the company were all good friends.

Rumors had it that the bosses of the company all came from extraordinary backgrounds.

Yet, why did the chairman scold the vice president?

The hospital director did not know how Bai Liyue could have offended Feng Shengxuan, but he was well aware of his bosses’ temper that would trigger them to use bullets at the slightest disagreement. The director could only nod and bow as he asked, “Then… can I have the honors of sending you back, Mr. Chairman?”

Feng Shengxuan’s stomach was already hurting badly. He was anxious to go back and rest. Although he did not want to take someone else’s car, he could not afford to make that decision now.

He could only manage to say impatiently, “Hurry up.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Chairman, you look very uncomfortable. I’ve already handed your medicine to Miss Luna. Now that she’s not here, why don’t I prescribe you some painkillers?”

“Cut the c.r.a.p! Hurry up and drive!”

He would have Nuannuan soon. Why should he take any medicine?

Even if it was late-stage stomach cancer, his Nuannuan could cure him.

If Nuannuan were here right now, she would not hesitate to give him a harsh slap in the face. She would probably say, “I don’t even have the confidence in myself. Might I ask where did your honeyed confidence come from?”

Even though the director was aware that Feng Shengxuan’s illness had worsened horribly, the director did not dare say anything, much less go back to prescribing medicine for him. He could only nod and bow while replying, “Yes, yes, sir. I’ll drive now!”

The car arrived. Feng Shengxuan got into the car and sat in the back seat. He scanned the director’s car that was not as clean nor as big as Bai Liyue’s car in disdain. He nitpicked at everything he could see.

The director regretted approaching this special snowflake and offering his help.

The director wondered how did a man of this temper manage to build up their business empire!

When he returned to the manor, Feng Shengxuan recalled that the butler that finally started getting used to the place had already been crippled and sent to the hospital by Bai Liyue, that vile woman. Feng Shengxuan was a picky person, too. After ordering a few of his people around, he thought that the way they did things rather displeased him. Therefore, he decided to not make anyone serve him anymore.

He took a hot shower and lay down to sleep for a while. He thought he would feel better, but the immense pain woke him up.

Looking at the time, he saw that it was almost seven o’clock at night. Usually, at around six, Bai Liyue would start urging him to take his medicine or eat dinner. If

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