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Chapter 1131: Slaying An Explorer

Eighteen years later.

A ragged s.h.i.+p that was riddled with holes was braving the storm.

Under this storm, the sky was dark. Every time a lightning bolt struck down, it illuminated the night. There were even lightning bolts striking the s.h.i.+p, but every time, there would be strange arrays appearing, and no lightning bolt could penetrate the array.

A domineering woman stepped on the bow and shouted proudly, “Sprint through this weird place.”

Someone cursed, “F*ck, what the h.e.l.l is this place? I’ve never heard of such a terrifying place in the outer sea.”

Someone was horrified. “It’s terrifying. The sea demon just now was blasted to death. That’s a great demon in the Dao Seeking realm.”

On the top of the mast, a silly-looking boy stood and looked at the lightning in the sky, asking subconsciously, “Forbidden area?”

It wasn’t until the next morning that the s.h.i.+p rushed out of the storm.

The morning dawned, and the sky was clear.

There were about twenty people on the boat, who all looked ferocious and were eating around big pots.

Among these people, there were only two exceptions. They often ate alone.

Han Fei was flying in the air, holding a big brush in his hand, drawing a picture.

“Okay! Marshal Han, you’re the best in terms of painting.”

“Marshal Han, I’m afraid no one else in Yu City can draw such a creative picture. Good job.”

Han Fei seemed to be used to these cries and was not touched at all. He was still drawing his pictures seriously, which were made of various lines, mysterious and complicated.

Only the flag at the top was different.

On it, there was a drawing of a skeleton wearing a sailor hat and a red bandana with two scimitars crossed, which was also drawn by Han Fei.

“Marshal Han, when are we going back to Yu City? With your capabilities, you can definitely kill two explorers.”

“Marshal Han…”

Suddenly, Han Fei glanced at the sea and disappeared. Then, the water surged and a translucent starfish was caught by him.

Chi la!

A peak-level law enforcer starfish was torn apart by Han Fei’s hands and didn’t even have a chance to fight back.

After a brief stun, everybody laughed. “Great, we have Starfish to eat now.”

Someone mumbled, “I prefer big clams, which have more meat.”

Someone spat. “Lobster is the best, of course. It tastes so good.”

Someone shouted, “F*ck off! Stir-fried octopus is the best!”

Just as they were discussing which food was delicious, suddenly, they heard a cold shout, “Eat, a bunch of foodies, go hunting. You guys just fool around all day long.”

Then these big men all shrank their necks and jumped into the sea.

Those who didn’t have time to jump quickly turned back and looked at the ferocious woman fawningly. “Captain, you’re up? You woke up early enough.”

“Captain, what would you like to eat this morning? Let me get it for you.”

“Get the h.e.l.l out o

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