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Chapter 1270: Not Their Biological Child

Mrs. Jiang had a temper too. She immediately said, “Do you want to borrow a magnifying glass? Or do you want my daughter to bring a microscope for you to see if there are any bacteria in that bowl? When we drink tea in the countryside, we use a bowl. If you think it’s dirty, then don’t drink it!”

Mr. and Mrs. Jiang had always been good-natured people. Mrs. Jiang was so angry because the person who claimed to be her daughter’s biological mother was rude; she acted as if she was the empress. When she entered the Jiang family house, she looked at it with disdain. She even stared at the bowl while drinking tea.

Who would not be angry about that?

Furthermore, she was there to take her daughter. Who would be nice to her?

Sun Xiaoshan also knew that her mother was rude, so she gently pulled her mother toward her. She looked troubled. “Mom, don’t be like that.”

Mrs. Jiang glanced at Sun Xiaoshan. She already had a bad feeling when she saw the mother-daughter duo at the hotel. She did not expect that premonition to come true. The two people who looked like Jiang Yao really did have a connection to her daughter.

However, who cared if that woman was really her daughter’s biological mother?

She and her husband had raised Jiang Yao. They had worked hard to raise the child.

Mr. Jiang also stopped his wife from throwing a tantrum. Instead, he said, “There are many people who look like her in this world. Just because you look like her, you’re saying that my daughter is your daughter?”

Mr. Sun said, “Mr. Jiang, my wife took your daughter’s hair to the hospital for a DNA test. The medical evidence shows that Jiang Yao is indeed my wife’s daughter. If you need to see the results, we can provide them.”

When Mrs. Sun heard her husband mention the DNA test, she avoided eye contact with him.

There was a DNA test result in her bag, but it was a fake one that she spent money to get. She had torn Jiang Yao’s and that idiot’s test result and thrown them away. The result showed that they were not related. However, Mrs. Sun believed that the two of them were definitely father and daughter. The hospital’s test might have been a scam.

However, her husband, a university professor, had trusted the test.

After all, Mr. Sun was a university professor, so everyone trusted his words. “It’s not difficult to find out if Jiang Yao is really your biological daughter. All you need to do is get the Public Security Bureau people to step in and investigate this matter. No one can change the results.”

The villagers might have helped the Jiang family lie to outsiders, but what if the Public Security Bureau also stepped in?

The villagers must be afraid of the people from the Public Security Bureau, right?

However, when Mr. and Mrs. Jiang heard that, they immediately laughed in anger. “This is the first time I’ve seen what it means to be shameless!”

Mrs. Jiang slammed her palm on the table and cursed. She pointed at Mrs. Sun’s nose and shouted, “How dare you come here and say that you are Yaoyao’s biological mother? You even have the cheek to say that you would look for the Public Security Bureau! Fine, go ahead then. After you find her, I want to see if you’ll go to jail first! The crime of abandoning a baby is punishable by law. Where did you get the courage to come here and speak to us like this?”

“You admitted that Jiang Yao is not your biological child, right?” Mr. Sun insisted on that question. When he saw Mr. and Mrs. Jiang were in a bad mood, he quickly comforted them. “Please don’t be angry. We’re not here to punish you or anything. My wife only wants to take her daughter with her. You’re also parents. I’m sure you know how parents worry about their children.”

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