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Chapter 1119: Inheritance

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Was there such an enormous body in the world?

Ou Yangming finally understood Xing Tian’s meaning. In other words, the entire Rebirth Cave, the mountains, the water, the red river, the flame giant, and the valley that was full of ancient Bloodthirsty Insects, belonged to this body called Xing Tian.

“This is…”

An absurd feeling rose in Ou Yangming’s heart. This was too terrifying. Could this influential figure be teasing him?’

The illusory figure in the air noticed Ou Yangming’s expression and understood that he did not quite believe it, so he said in a deep voice, “This is nothing. In ancient times, which pure Great Shaman didn’t have a humongous body? It wasn’t a joke to say that we could pick the sun, the moon, and stars. My body could only be considered average at that time. I have a friend called Kua Fu.. His body is ma.s.sive. After he died, he directly turned into a small world.”

How big was a small world? With Ou Yangming’s strength at the moment, he would not care. On the other hand, an ordinary person might not be able to walk from one end to the other end in one’s entire life.

What was more, it was only a person’s body.

Ou Yangming was shocked. This senior had no need to tease him. He did not dare to believe it, but it could only mean one thing. His vision was too low, and his imagination was too limited.

The young fellow’s face turned serious as he stood respectfully to the side. His heart had just received a strong impact. There were actually such fearsome figures in ancient times. What exactly happened at that time?

Xing Tian laughed loudly, “You don’t have to worry. That era has disappeared. We have long fallen into endless chaos. The current state of the Great Wide World has nothing to do with us. What you see now is just a remnant soul that I left on my blood essence.”

“Sir Xing Tian, will you never come back?” Ou Yangming asked.

“Come back?” Xing Tian was stunned. He was only a remnant soul and could not understand the thoughts of his former host. He sighed and said, “I’m already dead. How can I come back?

“Dead… All dead… Everyone died in that Ancient War.”

Xing Tian’s gaze became a little lost. He seemed to have thought of something. After a while, he regained his senses, and he said with a serious expression, “Young fella, you can accept my inheritance since you’re here. I don’t have anything good; I only left a drop of blood essence, which is the stone in front of you. You only need to drop your blood essence on it to fuse with mine. Besides that, a cultivation technique was imprinted on the blood essence, so you can cultivate it. As for how you’ll develop in the future, it’ll depend on your good fortune.”

After Xing Tian finished, his body disappeared from the sky. No one knew where he went.

Ou Yangming looked in the direction where Xing Tian disappeared with grat.i.tude in his eyes. He bowed and said, “Thank you for your help, senior.”

He later took out a dagger and gently cut his finger. A drop of blood fell on the big stone. He found it hard to believe that such a stone was actually Xing Tian’s blood. Nonetheless, when he thought of Xing Tian’s huge size, it was reasonable.


The blood fell, and the stone began to glow red. The blood essence that was originally a rock turned transparent and turned into a stream of light, entering Ou Yangming’s body.

Ou Yangming’s expression was ferocious, and he revealed a pained expression. Xing Tian’s blood essence was so powerful that it was difficult for his body to withstand it.

This process of fusion was painful. Ou Yangming could only grit his teeth and endure it silently.

1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours…

He had forgotten how much time had pa.s.sed. Just as he was about to faint, the pain in his body disappeared. He felt that his clothes were soaked in sweat.

“It’s fi

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