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Chapter 3979: Nine Grand Sword Dao

Chen Cangsheng was surprised to see Li Qiye. He smiled and said: “We meet again, Brother.”

“Indeed.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled back.

Cangsheng took a closer look at Li Qiye and became curious: “Brother, may I ask why you’re here in Ancient Crimson?”

He had no ulterior motive in prying. This was only out of curiosity. He then realized that he might have been too intrusive and apologized: “I apologize for being nosy.”

“I’m just pa.s.sing by, that’s all.” Li Qiye told the truth. His friends were long gone now; only memories remained.

“I see, as for me, I’m searching for the traces of a senior who visited before.” Cangsheng revealed while pointing at the ocean: “He fought in this place before.”

The two sides of Ancient Crimson were dramatically different. One side had calm waves while the other had dangers everywhere.

There were actually other islands in front of them. They weren’t as large as Ancient Crimson but still had rolling mountains and hills.

However, they have been destroyed. Only one-half of one island remained. Another was pierced completely and seawater gushed from the hole. One more was cut into two halves. There were rubbles and boulders everywhere - most likely remnants of destroyed islands.

Moreover, the waves weren’t calm either. They saw a tsunami raging from a distance, towering at a thousand meters. There were ma.s.sive whirlpools as well.

This place wasn’t overly dangerous for cultivators as long as they kept a distance. Getting too close would result in being dragged inside by an unknown force. Waves of energy were still emanating from the center.

This power originated from the previous battle. Though many years have pa.s.sed, the remnant energies remained in a dangerous manner.

“This is the battlefield of the overlords.” Cangsheng told Li Qiye.

“Overlords?” Li Qiye glanced at it.

“Ten thousand years ago, the overlords fought here and destroyed this ocean. It shocked the entire world.” Cangsheng elaborated.

“Who are the overlords?” Li Qiye chuckled, not really paying it any mind.

“You don’t know the five overlords of Sword Continent?” Cangsheng found this surprising.

“No.” Li Qiye said.

Normally, whenever the five overlords were brought up in Sword Continent, the crowd would show their respect and awe. All cultivators knew about the five regardless of their background.

They were mountains towering over everyone else. People had no choice but to look up to them. The five represented the highest echelon of power in the continent.

Some believed that only dao lords could compete against them, no one else.

“You really haven’t heard of them? Are you a new cultivator, Brother?” Cangsheng inquired because Li Qiye didn’t look like a new cultivator.

“I’m just a pa.s.serby who doesn’t know much about this region.” Li Qiye smiled.

“The five overlords are the strongest characters in our continent. Only the dao

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