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Chapter 1257 - Trouble

Transparent blood constantly flowed out of the flower girl's chest, but her clothes were gradually withering. She couldn't even open her eyes. She looked like she was about to die.

Zhou Wen wanted to walk over and see if he could pick up anything from her.

After all, she was from a dimension. She might have some treasures on her.

Ice Maiden followed Zhou Wen. Just as Zhou Wen was about to plunder the items, Ice Maiden saw something on the flower girl's neck. Her pupils suddenly constricted as she hurriedly said to Zhou Wen, "We can't let her die. Quickly save her."

"What's wrong? Do you know her?" Zhou Wen looked at Ice Maiden in puzzlement. He had previously asked her, but she had clearly said that she didn't know her.

"No, there's no time to explain. Save her first. Don't let her die. I'll explain it to you later." Ice Maiden looked very anxious.

Zhou Wen seldom saw Ice Maiden with such an expression. Furthermore, the flower girl was indeed on the brink of death. If he didn't save her now, it would be too late. There was no time for questions.

After some thought, Zhou Wen pulled out his Sword Pill from her body and used the power of Human Sovereign. At the instant the flower girl dropped down, his fist mercilessly struck her chest, leaving a hole in the wound that was the result of the sword's penetration.

Philo looked at Zhou Wen in puzzlement. She had clearly heard Ice Maiden asking Zhou Wen to save her, but Zhou Wen had ruthlessly attacked.

The others looked at Zhou Wen in puzzlement. Zhou Wen punched through the flower girl's chest and slammed her body into the mountain wall, producing cracks in the wall.

However, the next scene made Philo and company widen their eyes. The flower girl's chest wound, which had been punched through by Zhou Wen, healed at a discernible pace. In a moment, she was as good as new.

Just as the flower girl recovered, Ice Maiden struck out with the power of ice, freezing the flower girl and sealing her in ice.

Zhou Wen looked at Ice Maiden, unsure of her intentions—she wanted her saved, yet she sealed her up.

Ice Maiden used a strange ability to transmit her voice into Zhou Wen's ears. No one else could hear her.

"I'm afraid we've gotten into big trouble." Ice Maiden didn't wait for Zhou Wen to ask further as she continued, "This flower girl has the Tear of the Flower G.o.ddess on her. She definitely has an extremely intimate relations.h.i.+p with the Flower G.o.ddess. If we kill her, the Flower G.o.ddess will be furious. If that happens, we will probably have to face unimaginable horror. However, we can't release her. We nearly killed her, so she will bear a grudge. Releasing her will only make things worse for us."

"Flower G.o.ddess?" Zhou Wen didn't know what kind of existence Flower G.o.ddess was, but from Ice Maiden's expression, she seemed to have an extremely high status in the dimension.

Ice Maiden explained in a voice that only Zhou Wen could hear, "Among the dimension's Apocalypse experts, the Flower G.o.ddess can be ranked in the top five. Furthermore, there are many experts in the Flower race. If they risk everything to forcefully descend, it will be a calamity that will wipe out all life."

Zhou Wen used his spatial powers to send his voice into Ice Maiden's ear. "Will the Flower G.o.ddess risk everything for a clansman who has entered Earth? That will probably cost a lot, right?"

According to what Zhou Wen knew, the clansmen sent to Earth in recent years were only cannon fodder. Most of them were Guardians and not pure dimensional creatures.

Ice Maiden said with a bitter smile, "That's what makes it bad. This flower girl isn't an ordinary member of the Flower race. The Tear of the Flower G.o.ddess is extremely rare among them. Only a few very special members have been bestowed the Tear of the Flower G.o.ddess. If the life of a Flower race member with the Tear of the Flower G.o.dd

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