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My name is Gang Ignis 20 years old and just started University,my name may seem odd to somebut it literally means powerful Fire as in Gang from the Chinese word Powerful and Ignies from the Latin word Fire, it might sound a little Chuunibyou but truest me it's not

ok ok you got me it's a Chuunibyou name but I have a perfectly good explanation for this .

You see I'm a Orphan, mom died while giving birth to me and well…..

Dad how do I say this in a way that it doesn't sound funny before going in to labored mom asked dad if he loved her?

Dad got so emotional that he loudly proclaiming while tears streaming out of his eyes

"Dearrrrrr ...…You are the only women I ever loved and slept with if I lie may the heavens strike me with lightning "

I heard the nurses got so emotional that they also started crying and praised my dad for being a good husband who was rare to find these days.

Mom gave birth to me at around 11:45PM and died at 12 while at 12:15AM the hospital brought in my dad along with my aunt, my mom's twin sister they both got struck by lightning and died while in bed.

Our family's only relative was my aunt who died along with my dad so I had to be send to an orphanage where I grew up and teased about how my dad died.

At first I did hold some resentment towards the old man but in time it faded I mean banging yours wife twin sister that like a universal men's fantasy

"Dad I never met you but I think you're the coolest dad ever "I can almost see my dad giving a thumbs up to me with sparkly eyes"

And is it just me or did I just see my mom's staring daggers at me saying, "Don't encourage that douche bag"

It must be my imagination ha..Ha,...Ha yeah let's just pretend that was my imagination

Well back to how I got my name

you see while growing up I got teased a lot by the other kids about my dad and this lead to my somehow bugging the headmaster to change my official name and the headmaster with his happy go lucky personality simply agreed he even provided a list of Chuunibyou name

There were name like dark wanderer, Wight knight, storm Leo and G*ku

In the end I chose my current name, I do regret a little for not choosing the last name but will I think it's for the best.

So as you can see my chunin name was all that fatty headmasters fault.

On to the present time, it has been a week since I joined my university and I finely got the courage to ask out that hot babe named Dinah from my class.

Therefore, I am currently waiting at a local cafe for her

She is like the Goddess of Big boobs

Big Boobs the hopes and dreams of all gentlemen*

OK you got me again I lied, I didn't ask her out we had a group meeting and I paid the other group members to be a no show so I can officially call it a date, I mean what else would you call it when a sexy man and a bid boob women meet at a cafe without another member. I call that a DATE

I waited for about 10 min and there she fi

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