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Rio started walking around, he had no idea where to practice magic spells and martial arts from the memories.

Rio kept walking aimlessly until he found an empty area next to a small pond in a forest nearby. He then started his practicing his spells and martial arts.


After 4 years of practice Rio had reached the pinnical of all his spells and the martial arts. Firstly he got rid of all desires except for revenge. His hunger, lust, romance, etc. are all gone and the only feelings he has left is revenge and anger.

The martial arts he learned was the Asura Assassination Martial Arts which had all kinds of instant kill moves and it even included knife techniques for the Asura Knife.

He learned 10 spells that he could cast without a chant which was the Orb of Destruction, Wings of the Void, Blood Orb Control, Blood of Self-healing, Asura Handprint, Flames of the Netherworld, Ice of the Netherworld, Gale of the Netherworld, Lightning of the Netherworld, and Reality Shatterer.

The Reality Shatterer is an illusion world where he is a god, once one enters that world they cannot escape without his permission. He doesn't even need to pay attention to the Illusion World because once someone is trapped in it the Illusion world takes Mana from the person trapped. All he has to do is set laws like all living being in the illusion world gets tortured and healed for the rest of eternity.

Rio also learned how to control the mana inside the ring of asura and he fused his body with the ring giving him control over an immense amount of mana, and his blood gave his body a killing intent that could make even the strongest fall before it. He was ready to get his revenge and although he knew he was going to wipe out the Nobles and the Royal family he wasn't going to slaughter all the regular people. He was going to reform the empire and set laws to make sure that made sure that kids like him do not show up anymore. He was going to make an empire where killing was illegal and someone who did kill was going to get captured and killed themselves.

Rio's eyes turned cold and he looked back at his current goal. Find the girl who killed his parents and torture her for the rest of eternity.

Rio cast the long-range search spell 'I use the eyes of mana to search for the girl in my memories'. A small figure appeared in the distance and he knew he found the girl. The girl that started his suffering.

Rio cast the 'Wings of the Void' spell and black wings appeared on his back. His body disappeared from the location he was at and appeared in front of the girl's manor.

His voice boomed across the manor "Everyone all nobles in this Manor, get out immediately before I forcefully pull you out."

Rio saw about 45 guards that were guarding the estate, line up at the entrance of the Manor. The soldier at the front said: "You are breaking the law by threatening a noble, you have 30 seconds to get down and be arrested or we will forcefully execute you."

Rio started laughing causing the ground to shake, he then employed his bloodlines killing intent. Every solider's mental state broke down and all of them started to run around or fall to the ground. The killing intent held all his hatred and it caused the soldiers who had no protection for the mind to break down.

Rio ignored the soldiers and he landed in front of the doors, with the wave of his hands the doors burst open and Rio cast the 'Search' Spell. He saw that the girls family and herself were hiding inside of a secret room underground. There was 2 men, 2 women, 2 boys, and 2 girls.

Rio cast the 'Asura Handprint' spell and broke he slammed into the underground secret tunnel. The family of noble's never encountered someone who would even touch them so how could they handle someone trying to harm them.

The leader of the manor shouted with a terrified voice "We are Nobles, o

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