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"I'll be by you if you need me okay"Dead-man said.

"O-okay Dead-man" I said. Suddenly he turn into a collar, then I put it around my neck. Mal and Isaac walk up to me.

"I can't Inarticulate what just happen" Isaac said. Mal was tremulous,but at the same time she thought it was cool. The man and lady walk up to me.

"Hand it over now" the man said with an angry look on his face. I whisper very quietly;

" no"

" i couldn't hear you can you say it again" the man said. I Passionately yell;


" Jane hand me that Smudge collar or else we might have to take it from you" he said.

"No, and why do you want it so badly"

" because a child like you not able to to hold that much power,so just hand me the collar ok"

"Never" I said, and we started running away.

"AFTER THEM"the lady said,then the man was chasing us around the school. We ran outside, and we lost his. We thought we was safe. The staff told use to go to the gym for the assembly. My pears Corkscrew the staff making the staff fall on the ground. We walk to the gym, and we saw the man by the door welcoming my students. We tried to walk in without him seeing, and it work.he didn't saw us, so we quickly took a seat and listen what the staff have to say.

"Welcome all new students to Bay-side high school. I'm your one of your staff. My name is Ms.Aki Since last year incident you be going back home instead of living in dorms." Ms.Aki said, then she look at us.

" this school are different. Teachers uses to teach you how to kill leviathan." she said.

"This is one of the leviathan we was fighting against. These shadows never show Sympathy towards no one" she said. The man grab my arm, and pull me to Ms.Aki. The man was smiling evilly.

"This is Jane, and she-"

"I'm a boy"I yell. Ms.Aki was shock about it.

" oh.....he have a shadow name Dead-man. Jane can you bring him out" Ms.Aki said

" ok" I said, then the collar into Dead-man.

" this is Dead-man, and he is one of the Shadows. Humans and Shadows was in war for a long time. Our leader king Ferguson and king Holmes the shadow leader hated each other. We went to war with shadows twice, but this school with bring peace to the humans and shadow. That means shadows will be in this school, and learn with you in the same class" Ms.Aki said, then look at Dead-man.

"I'm sorry for hurting you. I was angry that shadows was going to study here"she said

"it's fine" Dead-man said.

" Now Dead-man open a portal to the shadow realm and tell the shadows to come " Ms.Aki said. Dead-man nod his head, and open the portal to the shadow realm.

"Jane follow me"

"O-ok, but can Mal and Isaac come too "I said.

"Fine fine they can come"Dead-man said, then teleport Mal and Isaac in front of him. We walk in the realm. When we walk in we see buildings was broken down, fire is everywhere, and see four shadow kids crying. One if them is hiding behind one of shadow. I look at Dead-man,

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