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drcdrx > The Gamer > 1 Chapter 1: I hate him!
"You've got to be kidding me!" I screamed while closing my phone's browser. "How could he waste that kind of power!?"

I was in a bad mood. Scratch that. Bad doesn't begin to describe what I'm feeling.

"And he has the nerve of calling himself a gamer!" I stood up from the bench I sat on. "The story implies, no, it stated he gained his powers because he played an obscene amount of games if I understood right!"

I began to walk to my home after getting tired of waiting for a bus at this hour of the night. It was 10 for crying out loud!

"The Gamer!?" I said, sarcastically while making it sound like a question. "More like The Waster!" By this point, I was already aware of how much disturbance I was causing with my screaming.

I had a stupid day, yeah, that describes it well enough. What happened? I had to take a flight for one. It was delayed. But that isn't the worst part. The worst part is that the airline moved my flight to next week! The nerve with these people! However, we could come to an understanding. Which included that a private plane was going be my private limousine for some time in exchange of me no suing the hell out them

Who am I that a big entity like the airline would be willing to go that far so that I don't sue them? I am a lawyer. Well, not anymore because I left that life behind. I am also an Engineer, but I only focused on personal projects nowadays. But that still doesn't explain the reason the airline reached an "understanding" with me. Well, when your company is being threatened by the Lawyer that sued the government every chance he got and won, plus sued some big names companies to the ground, you might do anything to get him off of you. That's me.

I started my law career with a bang. I was a full-time Lawyer for about five years. The five years of hell as some of my colleagues called it. I worked some people to the bone. But I'm getting sidetracked.

As of this moment, I'm angry. Why? Because of a web novel called The Gamer! I stopped reading it years ago because of a slow release rate. I picked it back up, hoping that things got better. But no, the MC of that story is a moron. He obtained a power that makes life be a literal game for him. He even has the body of a game character. He can improve himself with stats and leveling up like a game. What does he do with that? He becomes a mage of course. Don't get me wrong, I love mages. But he has the bleeding fucking power to become a jack of none, master of all kind of guy. Heck, he hasn't even explored what the limits of his power are.

Yeah, a story with an OP character that can do everything can become repetitive at some point. But for fuck's sake, he lives in a world where the top of the power scale are not Gods. A world where almost everyone is out to get him because of his power. And he becomes a bloody mage! The kind of mage from games that are horrible at close combat or fighting with no mana for the sake of game balance. So if he runs o

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