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22nd of June, Year 3321.


The commander turned towards the sound of the voice. The voice was laced with fear; fraught with panic from his right hand man.

"Captain Taal, calm down. What is it?" The commander responded. There was no fear in his voice, nor the slightest quiver - the commander was always like this. It was as if nothing in the world could ever shake him.

Captain Taal was a good man. He was strong and reliable, but he sometimes let his emotions get in the way of the ultimate goal, which prevented him from displaying his full potential.

"They're pushing us back! We need to retreat or we'll be wiped out completely!" The captain screamed.

The commander frowned. He did not think his right hand man would lose his cool this easily. That being said, they were indeed in a precarious situation. This war had been raging for years; a defensive war threatening their lifestyle against an aggressor who saw it as his heavenly duty to rule over the world. After years of conflict, each side was evenly matched which resulted in a stalemate that had lasted for years.

Eventually, however, out of the blue, the enemy had started advancing. They suddenly grew stronger, as if they had gained some new motivation to fight. Slowly, they started taking more and more land which eventually put them in the position they were in now. Neither side was willing to concede, and they had thought they would be utterly destroyed within months at this rate... until the commander took charge.

This was a war the likes of which the world had never seen before; The enemy had 500 million soldiers on one side against 400 million on their own. The battlefield stretched across three different continents. Although the world was indeed vast, this was undoubtedly the largest, and therefore bloodiest, conflict in human history.

The commander walked to his observation desk and peered into the eye of oculus, an ancient artifact he received when he slew the God of Thunder back when he was an adventurer, many years ago. The eye allowed him to instantaneously view multiple parts of the world whenever he wished, which was extremely useful in a battlefield of this size. Between each country was a barrier of vast mountain ranges spanning over a thousand miles each, which made deploying troops and sending supplies between them extremely tedious. The enemy had chosen their home territory as the center of the battles for this very reason, as they knew the ins and outs of these mountain ranges and therefore were able to transport troops and supplies with ease. Without the eye of oculus, the commander's side would certainly have already fallen. This war was simply way too vast to analyze their current situation without such an artifact.

Nevertheless, even with the all knowing eye of oculus, they were still being pushed back.

The commander calmly analyzed the situation and sighed.

"I will go..."

The commander was not the type of leader to let his subordinates carry all the weight. In their past conflicts, the commander had always been the first one to step onto the battlefield, and the last one to step off - after all, if a leader cannot lead his men into battle, how can he expect them to follow?

This war, however, was different.

There are only a few in the world who know of this fact, but the commander is not like any ordinary human. Having lived as long as he has, the commander amassed an almost incomprehensible amount of knowledge and experience, therefore his fighting prowess had reached the absolute pinnacle of even that of the Gods themselves. As far as it is known, there were only two existences that could match him.

The commanders army, however, was unaware of this. With incomprehensible power comes an inherent responsibility to control that power. If it got out, there would surely be those who wish to learn his secrets, and therefore war would be endless.

The commander had been through experi

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