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[ It's time to wake up User.]

Hearing some strange robotic voice in my head, I got up in a split second and reached for my gun, but discovered that it wasn't where I usually left it.

I was kind of a paranoid guy and always slept with my gun under my bed, but now it has disappeared. Looking around, I saw that my room looked exactly as it did when I left a few days ago. However I wasn't supposed to be there. The only thing I remember is....The Ripper ?!

[ No need to panic User. ]

« Who the hell are you ?! Where are you ?! »

I must look like a madman, yelling at nothing but air.

[ I am in your head so you can't see me. But I am the Void System, I was created to help you User. Agent Sun put me inside of you after you accepted the contract.]

« Agent Sun ? Void System ? I don't understand a single damn thing you're saying. »

[ Agent Sun is the man you know as the reaper, no need ask about the Void because I am not allowed to disclose any information about it.]

« Ughh....I still don't understand what you are. »

[ That is because you have never heard of systems. But I am similar to a video game interface. To be more precise I am similar to the menu of a Role Playing Game. I can allow you to access your Inventory, Status and Quests. For now the Inventory can only show you what's on your body right now, and the Quests can only be issued by Agent Sun, but that will change with time.]

« So I am supposed to have some game menu inside of my mind ?! »

As I asked that, something appeared right in front of me. I had to swallow my word as an holographic screen was there for me to see. I could see [ Inventory ], [ Status ] and [ Quest ], which meant that the robotic voice wasn't lying. It was so surreal.

« How is that even possible ?! I am an FBI agent and as such I think I would know if something like that had been invented. Also Ripper isn't an agent from a country and he doesn't work for any huge company, so I don't see why he would have that. »

[ There are many things you don't know User. The FBI agency is just a pawn in the game of the real powers. Unfortunately I cannot tell you more. You will just have to play along if you want to discover the truth.]

« Play along ? You mean doing the quests that Ripper gives me ? He's lucky he's not there or else... »

[ You would have died in an extremely painful and bizarre way. Do not underestimate someone who has power contrarily to you User. But soon, you may be able to beat him. As previously stated, you need to play along. Grow in power, unravel the truth, and climb all the stairs to reach the top of the world.]

« I am an FBI Agent, not a celebrity or a politician. »

[ You are not an FBI agent anymore. Officially Agent Johnson died on his last mission. Agent Yellow, who you know as Agent Boris, already gave his report to your superiors and they already announced your death to your family and friends.]

« What ?! For how long did I slee

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