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Darkness... total silence.... it feels like drifting through a never ending void... *SQUEEEEEAK*!

Suddenly I awoke from that dark void and I was staring at an unfamiliar wooden ceiling. Turning my head left I see. What seems to be wooden bars, and beyond that a wooden wall with a window not that far above it. To this I obviously panicked a little. To my right lay more wooden bars but this time beyond that I could see a door with a small table next to it with a lit candle on it. Next I heard footsteps just outside the door. And what burst through the door was a giant black muscular man. Now not to seem weird or anything but this man's muscles were amazing. His muscles look like they could tear the heavens apart.

He started walking this way and I truly see how much of a giant he was he had to be at least 8 foot tall. Now standing over me he picks me up with what looks like no effort. I know he has the best and sexiest muscles around but I don't think it should be that easy to pick me up nor any reason. Looking down I realise why he picked me up. I HAD REGRESSED INTO INFANTRY. He started to speak but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I'm assuming he's my father but I'm not fully sure. Next came who I'm assuming is my mother she was a young looking slim blond woman. To be honest my father has good taste in women.

The next few years will be skipped but any interesting events will be recorded

Age: 1 year old

I could understand the language of the world now

Age: 2 years old

I can now fully crawl

I have a grasp of how to manipulate atoms now

Age: 3 years old

I can form basic sentences and stand and walk with no problem

I can fully control atoms and molecules and quickly create things from earth ( depends on size and complexity).

Age: 4 years old

I have started to work out in my free time and my parents have started teaching me the basics of this world.

I have about mastered the powers I received from infamous second son which include smoke, neon, video and concrete

Age: 5 years old

From my parents here's what I learnt:

I am currently located on the continent of Arif in the country dunrif. The village I live in is called the runes ( because our main trading commodity is magic runes) and is about a day by horse away from a rather large city called collector. They also have magic. There are 6 types fire, water, earth, wind, light and dark. Their colours in the same order is red, blue, brown, green, white and black. The dark magic category is very rare and feared. They say this because with that magic you can create voids and distort gravity. Oh and the money goes like this 1 bronze coin is about $0.47 American dollars which is about £0.37 pond sterlings and 1,000 bronze coins equals 1 silver coin ($470) and 500 silver coins equals 1 gold coin ($235,000)and 10,000 gold coins equals 1 platinum coin ($2,350,000,000($2.35 billion)). We also did the alphabet and numbers which is very similar t

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