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King POV

I am one of many people on earth with a simple aim of growing up, get a job and find someone to love then marry her. You know the kids in school have a peculiar perspective, sitting in front means that you have decided to study hard and those last benches were naughty kids who keep everything as their priority except studies. I am one of those who dislike getting too much attention and cannot openly admit that studying is my least priority so unable to decide even if the class is empty i always choose a middle seat. Let me tell you one more thing, when i was searching for my first job ever, most my friends from last bench started business and almost all of the front desk friends were well settled in states working for some big name companies.

Sigh.. .

Life is a maze. All it asks you is take a path and follow it at all cost.! It takes you to place where you can find peace.

Yet till a few years ago i couldn't determine the path i want. The funny thing is that i have a causian/asian lineage too. I used to follow both cultures and still i can't choose which is best one for me to follow. Living such life is no big deal you see the only disadvantage is that you have those countless wars in your heart yielding no results but destruction. At age of 24 if someone asked me 'tell me about yourself' my heart would scream. It wants me tell the world that 'i am what my parents asked me to be!!'

This would make me feel grateful to god for giving me such parents who did not give up on me and at same time it builds frustration that I don't know who to talk with.

Some time i think that me living in this world is just waste of my time. Hey! Afterall i am just a big burden to my parents. But thought my parents state when i die churns my heart even more so i decided i would never think of committing suicide.

So that day i wanted to do something that will regain some faith in me.

I decided to go to gym build my body. Make a routine. This surprisingly started yielding good result. my mind was active all the time and in no time i started a start up company.

At 24 i had nothing, no job no confidence no will power no stable mind. nothing. But with routine mantra in 5 years i managed to have my business in every countries capital. At 29 i felt i had everything in word. This change was good. But life is always made of ups and downs. When i thought me at 24 was the lowest point of my life... *sigh*

I thought i was smart, yet she was even smarter than me.

"why! just why are you doing this?! " i asked her. Leaning against the the kitchen wall to ease by back i stare at her.

she just stood there with knife dripping with blood. Blood dripping sound followed my low yet emotional voice and still she was glaring at me with eyes full of hatred for at least 2 good minutes.

"Love... " she paused for a while may be to arrange her thoughts. yet her firat word 'love' blew me away. Like she killed me because she loved

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