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Takeru was outside the classroom after his mathematical teacher checked his notebook and saw that

he not only had not done the homework but also his notebook was completely blank.

A few minutes ago:

"Takeru, why didn't you copy anything I passed on the board? "

"Because this crap you are teaching is useless, I and 99% of all people in the world will never use it in their entire lives! "

"Then why do you still come to watch my class if you think it so useless? Just stay inside your house the rest of your life depending on your parents, you're trash."

Looking out the window and reflecting the words of his teacher he thought.

"Maybe he's right. I just have to drop out of school and live the rest of my life depending on my parents or maybe I should just jump out of that window and die soon. "

Suddenly when Takeru took courage and went to play, he felt a numbness through his whole body and realized he could not move. A sinister skeletal figure with a black cloak and using a scythe can be seen in the sky that was now dark at night though it was morning and a red moon, and to make it all worse this whole scene was seen as thunder falls rhythmically forming a diabolical melody.

"Poor human beings, from the beginning of their short lives, you have committed your atrocities not only against the other species but also against your own species.I have given you too much time to change your behavior and repent of your sins. whoever is responsible for all the suffering that is to come will be yourselves.But I will show a little pity and leave a present for you to have a chance to survive, good luck. "

The students and teachers inside the rooms were also paralyzed and could hear the voice of that being and thunder, but only a few people actually saw the appearance of that figure and Takeru was one of them.

"It can not be, is that the Grim Reaper?"

Quickly the sky returned to normal and that sinister creature disappeared.

Then a message came up suddenly in his mind:


System Message:

"You have 5 points to distribute among your attributes."


Then he quickly felt that the paralysis was over, and he realized he had some information inside his head when he focused a little on it:



Fat male with glasses, 15-years-old.

Occupation: student.

[Level]: 1

[Agility]: 0

[Vitality]: 0

[Stamina]: 0

[Strength]: 0

[Intelligence]: 0




Takeru knew that according to the novels he read on the internet there was only one answer to the situation in which he was, from now on there would be an apocalytic world where he would need to use a game system to get stronger and consequently to survive.

"Just to imagine that I almos

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