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The group of hunters hastened to take up their positions.

They regrouped to cover each other's backs. Siena, particularly on guard, slipped a second arrow before declaring:

"Celestial Eyes!"

After a blink of her eyelids, the normally jet-black irises of the female archer adopted a completely different appearance; a beautiful glow reminiscent of the northern lights shone through her eyes. This spell allowed Siena to see clearly in this dark night as if it was daytime. She scrupulously inspected the forest while searching for a potential danger. She knew very well that a night monster was near.

Several seconds passed.

The deafening silence of this sinister forest alerted them even more. Each of them was an experienced hunter and a fighter who had already faced death many times. However, a certain proverb was very popular in their tribe:

"Mother Nature should never be underestimated."

For these people, this sentence had a very special meaning. Harel, Siena, Rhett and Mia... They themselves have lost count of the number of companions they have lost because of the unpredictability of their enemies. Individually, they probably could not survive a single night. But together, they had a chance to not become a prey.

"Something moved! Mia, prepare the trap. Rhett, you protect her while Harel and I hold its attention. It may have hidden companions, so stay on your guard."

Siena tried to follow the shadowy mass that snaked between the trees, to no avail. The latter seemed to have vanished. However, its disappearance was only brief.

A sinister black fog appeared in front of the female archer, quickly taking a humanoid form. Nothing was visible on its face, except a cryptic smile that made the huntress shudder.

"It's a Shadow! Everyone, use Erebus' Elixir!"

Harel didn't even pay attention to Siena's instructions and immediately threw himself at the night monster. In one leap, the hunter was already in front of his target, his right grip tightening on the handle of his weapon.

"Diaphanous Crescent!"

As he chanted his spell, the blade of his sickle wrapped itself in a pure whitish light. Harel described a lunar crescent on the Shadow with his weapon, trying to cut it. The creature, previously confident, lost its smile and stepped back to avoid the offensive. Its assailant did not stop and declared a new spell:

"Gravity Nullification!"

A faint purple glow covered his body for a brief moment, freeing him from the embrace of gravity. He propelled himself on his prey without giving it time to gauge the effects of his spell. Surprised, the Shadow didn't have the time to get away. It finally chose to face its opponent in a hand-to-hand combat despite the danger of the white light that his weapon emitted. The creature lowered its body to let the offensive pass above it, while raising one of its arms towards the back of Harel. Its foggy hand's size increased drastically, exceeding that of a normal human, before closing on the hunter's body. Unable to evade the attack from this angle, he lifted the shield of blackish bones attached to his left forearm with the hope of not being crushed.


The shadowy hand broke the shield as if it was a vulgar toy, eventually catching its target. The poor prey, who was struggling with this monstrous embrace, heard a familiar voice from her position: it was Siena.

"Harel! Brace yourself!"

The leader of the group quickly fired an arrow wrapped in a strange blackish liquid towards the Shadow's arm. The night monster paid no attention to this projectile, thinking it would only pass trough its foggy body. To its surprise, the arrow cut off its arm and freed Harel. The shady humanoid gave up a pain cry before jumping back. The wide, cryptic smile on its face disappeared, replaced by an angry expression. It stared at what was left of its arm, noticing the presence of a familiar black liquid: the Erebus' Elixir.

The anger on its face di

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