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"Congratulations on a pair of healthy boys!" A doctor said as he finished checking each baby.

"Have you decided on names Ms. Ketchum?" The doctor asked ready to write their names down on their birth certificates.

"Yes, their names will be Ash and Shade Ketchum."

---------10 Year's Later---------

Over the years not a lot of stuff happened, but Shade has read every book on Pokemon training and breading, also instead of Ash saving Serena Shade did at that's about all that happens to accept Shade going to school.

So it's about 3 days before Shade and Ash's 10th birthday and Shade is walking around in the forest as he usually does when he comes across a Pokemon egg just laying on the ground.

"Hmm... So this must be my randomized egg, I can't wait to see what it is!" Shade says as his whole body shakes with excitement.

So Shade picks up the egg and goes home so he can put it in an incubator.

--------3 Days Later-------

It's Finally the day of their birthday, November 21st, so that means there are about 6 months until they get their pokemon.

It wasn't anything special mom just made a cake and got us clothes, Ash got his season 1 clothes but Shade gave her a sketch of the outfit he wanted, it was the X and Y outfit but just black and neon green.

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Once the party was over and it was about 8:30 pm when Shade walks in his room and a couple minutes later the egg starts to crack and the pokemon that pops out is an Eevee but there is something different about this Eevee, it's all white with grey on the end of its tail and around its neck.

"Hi, Eevee! I'll make you the strongest pokemon in the world."

Eev Eevee!

As Shade was petting Eevee, he could tell that she was happy and determined to be the strongest.

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