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@@What's up guys my name is Shade and im dead. It all started when he was walking home and saw a little girl about to be hit by a car.


So he ran up and pushed her out of the way but I

Shade wasn't so lucky as soon as the girl was out of the way the car hit him in his back Crack! and that's how he died.

When Shade woke up he was in a white void with a bunch of images about the life of the girl he saved, it looked like she went and did a lot of good things she became a politician, then a senator, and eventually the president.

While she was the president she cured all kinds of diseases and solved a lot of the world's problem and then she died.

Once all the memory fragments disappeared God decided to speak.

[Shade how are you doing after seeing all of that?]

"I don't care what she did all I care is that she survived."

[Well since you saved her im l allowing you to reincarnate into of a world of your choosing with 2 wishes and an appearance of your choosing.]

"Hmm let me think... I want to reincarnate in the Pokemon world as Ash's younger twin brother by 1 second with the appearance of Gray from Fairy Tail, now for my wishes 1st I want a pokemon to understand pokemon better, 2nd I want to get my starter from a randomized egg."

[Okay, all of those things can be done just too worn you it will be a mix of the anime and the Games, just to let you know the Pokemon Care System won't activate until you get your first Pokemon.]

After that shade says by then disappears.


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