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Sebastain: Hello anyone there in this- wait where the hell is this?

Pervert god: Who is making all this commotion in the void of God's?

Sebastain: Hey are you God?

Pervert god thoughts: Hey isn't that the mortal who slipped on my happy sauce on that wipe?

Sebastain: Wait I am now remembering how I died.



Sebastain boss: Be back at 9 am tomorrow on the dot!

Sebastain: Ok old man!

Sebastain was riding his bike home while a certain divine god was entertaining himself. The god was close to finishing and now was getting a new wipe and more lotion. Sebastain was now half way home when he saw two kids crying for help while the dad just watched. The dad was just frozen in place from the fear and now was biting his nails crying. The only thought on sebastain mind was: Oh why do I always have to play the hero part.

Then the certain god then throws his wipe on the ground landing on sebastain head. He then feels as if the whole world is on the top of his head. The sticky then crushes sebastain skull then makes him fall to the core of earth. Although all this happens he cries to be sent to aot world. The certain god then says with a tear down his face like Denzel: Odin is so gonna banish me to clean Hades house again. Oh well I'm just gonna send him to a world that would make him happy.



Pervert god:Mortal It's your lucky day to be incarcerated I also will be granting three wishes.

Sebastain is now thinking of all the novels he has read but had to ask one question.

Sebastain: Excuse me but powerful god what is the difference between reincarnation and incarnation?

Pervert god: Ok stupid mortal let me explain incarnation is being in a recently dead body and reincarnation is from a fetus.

Sebastain: Oh I understand now and I know my wishes. Wait can I choose the world too?

Pervert god: Yeah whatever just hurry the hell up mortal.

Sebastain: Okay horny god.

Pervert god: Did you just say something?

Sebastain: Nope.

1: I want a Titan form that has fire powers

2: I want to be incarcerated as a child when the Titans first attacked the wall

3: I want the ability to change my body as I see fit aka shape shift

World: Attack on Titan

Pervert god: Are you sure these are your wishes and choice of world?

Sebastain: Wait I want my form to be called the Titan Prince.

Pervert god: Okay just go already dumb mortal.

Sebastain then hears cries from men and women and smell Titans. He oddly remembered this scent like it was familiar with him. He then hears the famous suicidal bastard eren. He runs to meet misaka and eren and is witnessing the Jaeger home being destroyed. He then tells eren and misaka they have to leave and surprisingly they obey unlike the story.

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