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He then swallowed the stone without a second thought and was delighted about what skill he would get from the stone.

Even rune stone from D-Rank creatures were worth millions of Esos because of the skill it would provide and the stone he gulped down was from a dragon which were very rare and in some cities they were treated as Gods. He couldn't help thinking how much would it cost. Maybe hundred of billion.

But he was soon dumbfounded. Nothing happened.

'Didn't I get any skill?' He then again thought,

'Was I mistook it for rune stone and it was just and ordinary stone .'

He immediately shook his head in denial of his own theory. No, no, no, how could I make a mistake. It was obviously a rune stone, no stones are yellow in color.

When he was pondering a thought passed through his mind,

'Maybe it was just a piece of gold'

He grabbed his neck and tried puking but failed miserably.

I just swallowed a freaking gold for no reason.

When he was trying to spit the gold out his eyes glanced upon another stone same in colour next to the corpse of dragon of lighting.

He didn't swallowed it immediately like before and checked every corner. Well it didn't have a corner and was oval in shape.

He then bit it with his teeth,

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"It is obviously a rune stone then why didn't my mind saw any image of the skill I received."

He was a low rank Hunter and didn't know much about high rank rune stone but he was sure enough that he should've got a skill.

He then again swallowed it but saw no image again. He then gritted lips,

"Is my luck that bad, even rune stones are mocking me."

If I can't any skill maybe I will forge a weapons with it's scales. Half disappointed Rim walked towards the corpse with a dagger on his hand.

He then squatted beside the fire dragon and stabbed the dagger at it with everything he had got.


The sound of metal striking metal echoed again and again until the dagger broke. The scales didn't even have any scratches. He just envied the dragons.

If he had scales that hard he wouldn't have to toe with death itself every time he hunted. Just because he was weak he got expelled from the hunting school which then rose the criteria of admission to D-Rank or above. Many weak Hunters had to struggle greatly in their career because of that rule.

No strength, no techniques, and no information about the creatures they had to kill, surviving till now was a miracle for Rim.

If his family wasn't poor then he too would have gotten stronger like others by buying weapons and techniques. Even his cousins would mock him because he was weak.

He wasn't someone who was strong before but later turned weak. He was weak from the start.

'Trash, Filth ' and many other words were used in mocking him. In today's age only strong ruled the food chain and if one w

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