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When his eyes opened he found himself sleeping in the ground.

"Damn! I am lost again."

Green trees a high as sky was covering his vision, it seemed even light couldn't pass through it. He became restless and anxious and started murmuring,

"Don't tell me! I'm inside Nagar forest." He stood up with his shivering legs and tightly held the dagger he had kept in his waist.

He then carefully watched the surrounding to search a way out but trees were everywhere.

If one couldn't fly, the devil forest will devour him.

There was a saying like this and many about the forest and its evil deeds.

He started walking in random direction for the hope of finding an exit.

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The roar was deafening for every magical creatures but to him it was even worse because he was a human. Unlike magical creatures he didn't have affinity for the roar which was like their innate trait.

He covered his ear only to reduce the effect of deafening roar. His ear was about to bleed and his mind was about to go insane.

But the next wave of roar didn't arrive, and with his trembling body he let out a sigh of relief.

'It must be black horned bears. They are so frightening, if possible please God, let it be far from me. "

Black horned bears were magical creatures usually found at the edges of the Nagar forest. Since they were weaker creatures of the forest they couldn't hunt in the centre which was the territory of many creatures with monstrous strength.

They weren't specially powerful but were famous because of their black horn which was as long as compared to ones hand. Their horns was what that was necessary for making weapons and shields. But their meat wasn't very precious, they would just help one to improve their constitution but not their magical power.

After a moment of silence the ground started shaking violently.

"Damn earthquake! not now, if creatures start scattering I will be doomed."

He then quickly climbed a tree and as his guess many creatures passed by the place he was standing in before.

"Phew~ lady luck is on my side."

After confirming the creatures were gone for good the jumped from the branch and landed on the ground. This time again, a sound echoed in the forest but it wasn't terrifying roar like before.

Shrieks. They were the shrieks of monsters in pain. He thought that if monsters were fighting against each other than he might have chance to steal the kill. But he immediately canceled the thought. Black horned creatures were weak, no doubt about it but it was for other experienced Hunters, if he went there to steal the horns it'll only ruin his chances of survival.

How could he a weakest E-Rank hunter even dream of defeating a D-Rank monster. He would be glad if he was able to just survive.

After hearing many shrieks followed after that, he thought

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