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Kara's flying and super strength was immensely helpful for retrieving my gummi ship from the leopards roof. When I mentioned it she cheerfully told me to wait a minute and dropped it off on her own apartment buildings roof. Apparently she and her roommate were the only ones who went up there anyway. After she got back I tipped the bartender and thanked her for the hospitality and we headed off to Kara's place.

The city of metropolis was…huge, and pretty amazing. I couldn't help but gawk at all the giant buildings and structures. Kara giggled adorably at all my gawking, seemingly thrilled to have someone who was just as new here as she had been. She had informed that she only got to this world pretty recently herself, and not being the newbie for once was fun. I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm and cheerfulness as she clung to my arm and dragged me to all her favorite spots.

I admit I spent at least part of the trip to her apartment building staring at her amazing ass, but I also had a lot of fun just hanging out with her, Kara had a bright smile and a positive nature most other people didn't have. I tended to view the world in a positive way, because I felt like it made life worth living to be happy more of the time, and Kara was similar in a lot of ways.

When we finally made it to the door Kara turned and grinned "Ok well we have a spare room that I can clear out for you, but before anything I need to introduce you to Cassie. Honestly I think she'd have as much fun fucking you as I do, but Cassie tends to be a bit more reserved about these things, probably because rather than Krypton she was raised by a single mother on earth. She's been devastated since her boyfriend died and I would love to see her cheered up a bit, but I think bringing it up would have the opposite effect, so lets just wait to see if she's interested and comes to you."

I felt a pang of sympathy when I heard about her roommates loss, Kara had glossed over that a bit, but I saw a bit of grief flash through her eyes when she mentioned the guy, she had probably known him too. I gave her a reassuring smile "Of course, I would never want to hurt someone, especially someone who was already in pain. If she's interested and she's as gorgeous as you of course I would be up for it." I grinned wolfishly and pulled her against me "But its not like I don't have plenty to keep me busy already, you're hardly a consolation prize yourself."

I felt Kara grin against my lips as I yanked her against me, and we both melted into the kiss. I pressed her up against the door, sliding a hand up her shirt to grip one of those perfect tits before being rudely interrupted by…the door opening. A pretty blonde with a red face squeaked in surprise "Oh, wow Kara, you're home. I heard someone outside and I…wow, I'm sorry…I'll just go." She turned to hurry back inside but Kara slipped out of my grip and faster than a normal person was capable of grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back.

Kara seemed a bit sheepish, apparently having genuinely lost track of where we were and not used her super hearing during our little make-out session "Cassie, wait. We're really sorry about that, just got carried away. This is Sora, he's…a new friend. He's from out of town like I am and didn't have anywhere to stay, so I thought maybe he could crash with us for a while?" I thought the heat vision was dangerous, but that pout was Sephiroth levels of deadly. Her blue yes seemed to double in size and nearly sparkle with pleading "I know its a lot to ask but Sora is a really great guy and I never meet people who are new to town like I am."

Cassie, who looked like she was about to accuse Kara of being crazy, seemed to waver at the sight of her friends pleading puppy dog eyes "I don't know Kara, that's a lot to ask. I don't even know him…" She glanced at those teary blue weapons of mass destruction again "But, maybe he can stay for a night or two and see how it goes. No pr

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