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drcdrx > The Adventures of Alex Jones > 1 When the Conspiracy Goes to Far
@@\"1776 will commence again!\" Alex Jones shouted as he was streaming his podcast called Info-wars. He screamed this because the corporate titans such as Facebook just took down his social media post because they didn't meet their \"community\" policies. To make matters even worse he just discovered a top secret government organization called the SCP Foundation. All he knows about this group is that they seem to have unlimited resources and can make the impossible possible. As Alex was thinking of how to get more information on the SCP Foundation he heard his phone vibrate informing him he got a text message. As he went to go check his phone he felt like there was something off about the room he was in. When he checked his phone he saw that the message was sent from himself but he doesn't remember sending any messages to himself. As he was unlocking his phone the feeling that something was off grew more and more but he just wanted to pack up and go home so he didn't really pay attention to it. When he looked at the message he almost dropped his phone because it said,\"Don't look behind you they now where you are. You need to find SCP-1347 only then can you fight back. Also when you find SCP-1347 ask it what would have happened if Alex Jones was warned that he was going to die?\" After Alex read this he suddenly noticed that the room he was in appears more dark and gloomy than it was just a second ago. Alex heads the warning he just got and runs to the closest wall and rams right through it. He notices that something is following him when he breaks through the wall and then he runs to his car. When he gets close to his car he looks at the window and see the reflection of what is chasing him and it looks like a man that has been burned alive with a ghastly smile. When Alex saw this he froze and all he could hear was his beating heart as the monster got closer to him.


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