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in a alleyway a 12 year old kid was being brutalized by kids only a few years older than him "hahaha look how weak he is, like my personal boxing bag for practicing hahaha" all the teenagers where laughing with him taking turns beating to pulp 'i hate this everyday, every week,every year' after the beating the kid was left coughing up blood.

it was night time the kid finally woke up and started walking home 'shit looks like i have to deal with dad since its late' the kid started walking upto a run down house and walked up the stairs stubbling 'fuck this' when the kid reached to the door it was locked so he rested his head on it 'you got to be kidding me'.

so he walked around the back of the house and started to climb only to fall onto his back 'FOR FUCK SAKE' he just layed there not moving a muscle until he heard a door slam next door. it was a girl with long black hair who looked thirteen years old and had green eyes and a beauty mark underneath her eye it looks like she was taking out the garbage.

as she was walking back inside she saw the kid laying ground so she decided to check up on him "hey jason what you doin?" jason only just replied with a "grrr dying i think" the girl just laughed and said "come in I'm guessing you got into another fight and your dad locked you out...again" but jason just layed there "you know its cold right so it better if you come inside for the night".

jason just slowly turned his head and said "i would move but like i said im dying" the girl just sighed before saying "you know what stay there while i get some stuff from the house we can stay out here tonight" jason looked shock before saying "we?" before he could ask why she already went in side and took a first aid kit and some blankets, pillows.

after setting up there camp site in the backyard the girl starting patching up jason "ummm maria can i ask you something? why are helping me all the time with this?" maria just looked at him and said "simple because we are friends" this shocked jason because he never had a friend hell even his family wanted him dead "i see", maria finally finished bandaging him up so she layed down next to him.

maria looked upto the sky and said "you know when i turn 18 I'm leaving i dont care what my familia say, you should leave too" jason started laughing confusing maria before saying "if i live that long did you forget? i get my ass kicked on a regular basis" maria looked at jason furiously, she then punched him in the arm making him shed a tear "what was that for" maria replied in anger "the only reason you het your ass kicked is because you never fight and dont you dare say you gonna die before the age of 18 otherwise next time i will do more than hit you in the arm".

as jason was geting scolded he could see maria getting upset to the point she was crying so he did something out of character and hugged her and said "look sorry i wont talk about dying before the age of 18 again i promise, so stop crying okay?" he then let go of maria seeing her finally stop crying she replied with "can you hug me a bit more? it kinda felt nice" jason gave a nod and continued to hold tight until they feel asleep.

=============4 years later=========

outside a house a teenager was yelling "maria hurry up we need to get to school" the boy was none other than Jason grown up he was waiting for Maria, after 5 minutes maria came outside finally over the years she only got more and more beautiful "you know since we started dating you been an ass" Jason replied saying "and you know I was out here standing for an hour so I pretty much have right to be" Maria just walked away laughing.

After school was finished Jason went to look for Maria so they walk home together, but she was wasn't at the front gate 'huh weird' was Jason only thought usually she would stand at the gate and wait for him, after waiting for a few hours he decided to go home because he thought her dad must have picked her up so though

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