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Yu Xue silently followed Aliva into the Student Information Center. Aliva talked to the student at the desk, the student asked for Yu Xue's size and he told her small. The student brought the Uniform and unlike the red uniform Alisa was wearing his was blue and the armband he received said "Commoner".

When they reached his dorm Alisa told him the basics "Since you are a commoner you are put in the Beta Class. It starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 12:00 AM, after class doing the homework and studying is your job. The teacher will explain more when you go to class."

Like that Alisa walked away, Yu Xue turned around and opened the door. There were 2 other people in the room one was a blue Haired girl and the other is a blond hair guy.

The two looked up and saw Yu Xue walked towards the empty bed and throw his stuff.

The blond hair guy's face when he saw Yu Xue's manners but the blue hair girl was a little more forgiving "Hello, I am Elena and this is Joseph. What is your name?"

Yu Xue simply responded, "My name is Yu Xue, nice to meet you."

Elena looked at Yu Xue questionable "I thought the Entrance exams happened a couple of months ago so how did you enter."

Yu Xue again answered simply "I had a Recommendation letter."

Joseph's eyes widened as he said "That's... that's impossible only the Headmaster himself can hand out recommendation letters. He has only given out 5 Recommendation letters to his closest friends?"

Yu Xue rubbed his chin in thought and said "Really? The headmaster did say my master was an acquaintance of his. I guess that's what he was talking about."

Elena jumped up and asked, "Do you want to be in our group?"

Joseph tried to stop her but she answered him first "If he has a recommendation letter he must be special. We are all commoners but with him, we might have a chance to enter the Alpha Class and break the suppression of the nobles."

After they whispered back and forward Elena asked Ye Xun "So... what's your major? I major in Ice Magic and Joseph majors in Spell Analysis and Situation Strategist."

Ye Xun heard them whispering about him joining their group and was confused about what they meant. Ye Xun answered her "I guess I am a Magic Swordsmen, but my Master taught me a little about spell analysis."

Joseph's jaw dropped as he again staggered "You... you are a Magic Swordsmen, why are you in the beta class?"

Elena was also shocked but her face hardened "Those damn Noble's... even if a talent from the heaven's drop on earth as long as he is a Commoner they will do everything in their power to keep him in the Beta Class."

Ye Xun started thinking back, ever since he has walked through the gates he has seen 2 sides of the academy. The red side was amazing, clean, and even the red uniform's quality was better. But the blue side seemed to be lower quality as everything was like a downgraded version of the red side. Ye Xun figured out that these people with the name Noble's

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