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Chapter 5 - Screaming like a Banshee

In another part of the cave, there was an entrance to the outside world, one that was located on another path through the Virtua forest. This entrance, was the one that Neptune and Compa had found after some backtracking and a lot of searching through the wilderness. It showed through more on Neptune than Compa though, as she looked to be in a state of exhaustion, slightly swaying from side to side as she walked.

"#huff# #huff#… Never… I'm never going through so many bushes again…" she muttered in fatigue, looking down as she raised her hands to her face. They looked to have seen better days, with scratches made from passing branches, dirt from searching through muddy areas, hell there were even several leaves sticking out. And let's not forget that this extended over to her attire and the rest of her body by the way, her hoodie dress had several tears down the arms and waist, with leaves sticking out of her hoodie. Neptune had obviously had better days than this.

Looking over her, Compa could only smile weakly as she remembered Neptune's 'mad search routine' through their search for another entrance to the Cave-like Dungeon. "Nep-Nep, you have only yourself to blame, your search places were, sometimes, pretty insane…" she commented. She had searched through, trees, mud puddles, bushes, even looked down a pair of rocks to see if there was a 'hidden lever' in Neptune's words.

In response to Compa's comment, Neptune turned her head to look at her, a pouty expression on her features as she made to defend herself. "B-B-But Compa, you never know! Developers can put levers in some pretty weird and insane places to throw the player off their grove." … By utilising a mix of gaming and fourth-wall breaking logic. Don't judge, it was her fall back for any sticky situation she found herself in.

Compa's weak smile steadily got weaker. "Anywho," Neptune began as she decided to change the subject before things got any worse for her, and her near non-existent sense of shame. Looking around at the Dungeon, Neptune adopted a confused expression as she asked her friend. "You know where we are? I mean, you're the one of us that has her memories, so…" she ended off. It was true, sad but true nonetheless, that she was the only one of them who still had her memories as Neptune didn't, so it was only natural for her to assume that Compa had an idea of where they were.

However, that proved to be a negative as Compa shook her head, placing a hand on her chin as she looked around, trying to figure out what exactly this place was. "I don't really know, Nep-Nep. I haven't seen this dungeon before. I never really went out on quests involving these kinds of scenarios, just stuck to the ones that involved healing sick and injured." She explained, before looking up at the ceiling and furrowing her brows. "Although, if I were to guess I'd say this Dungeon was located underneath the Virtua Forest. It feels like so, anyways…"

Her answer made Neptune hum in thought as she pondered this new information. In her mind, this was like one of those secret corners in videogames where the player can find secret treasures that'll make the MC totally broken later. "Huh… that DOES feel like what this is… but the 'how' in that eludes me, it does." She mused to herself, once again spouting references.

"Oh yeah, Ni-Ni did tell me once," Compa gasped suddenly, her eyes widening as she remembered something, getting Neptune's attention after she practically jumped at the loud tone Compa had used. It was only made louder thanks to the soundwaves reflecting off the Cave, creating a repetitive echo. It vanished after a few moments, but its effect had maintained. "When a new Dungeon is discovered the most important thing is to locate any monsters within the Dungeon and evaluate them, get an idea of their strengths. You don't know what to expect when in situations like this."

It was always important to know the lay of t

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