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"What do you mean by what you said? What about my family? " asked the very distressed young man in his 20s.

"Calm down experiment numbe-...*cough**cough*....i mean calm down young man. What you heard is all true. So are you willing to start your next great adventure or do you just wish to rest for eternity?" said the unknown entity.

"I... Uhm, may I take a minute to recollect myself. I just wanna contemplate my situation first" answered the young man.

POV of the young man

Ok, I need to calm down.

Why am I here?

Ah! That's right me and my family are shopping for gifts for Christmas.

Then there's shouting and panicking, then I saw people running from the direction my family were heading. Then being the special snowflake that I am, I asked my family to wait in safety and I will check the situation.

There's a voice of reason in the back of my head telling me to not be stupid and follow the rest of the people and wait for authorities to deal with whatever the cause of panic was but being the curious one myself, I can't help but continue my stride.

Then when I arrive, I can't believe what I saw, the sight will forever haunt me in my dreams.

I started hyperventilating when they noticed me, those furry bodies, long snout and bipedal monstrosities. There's even the sonic themed one, making out with a furry Mario.


The sight is so horrible and scary especially when they saw me and started running towards me.

I ran and ran, then I made a mistake and turn towards a dead end, essentially trapping me.

Those fucking furries, they were enjoying the hunt, and most like will end up on converting me to their side, but I resolve myself that I won't go down their path.

"Fuckn' furries!!! Don't come and closer I'll hit you!" I shouted to try intimidate them, but their number have me at a disadvantage so my threat fell short. I'm starting to panic they're closing by the second, my chance of escaping is getting infinitely farther. That's when the abomination spoke.

"Give up~~~come to the furries side... Embrace the way of the furries." said the furry at the front.

"I'd rather die than come to your side!!! I won't exchange Futanari girls to your furry bs!!! I shouted.

I frantically look for solution to survive my situation, I'm starting to lose hope but that's when I felt my pocket knife in my back pocket. I brandished it and waved to threaten them to fall back. But to my horror a furry bat costumed fat as fuck man came at the front of the group and said these disgusting words.

"Ahn~~.. Ahn~~....come to mommy, I wanna taste your blood, in exchange you can stab me all you like daddy~~" said the bat themed furry invitingly.

That's when I realized I lost hope. Even if I manage to take 3 of them they'll just do horrors to my body that I won't allow myself to experience my I am alive. But still I won't go down without a fight.

I started the encounter by bitchslapping the one advancing at my left, then kicking the one running towards me. Then I used my special move Furry review 👏👏, it caused the one of my right side to cease existing, but because that special move originated from our Savior and mighty Pewdiepie(subscribe to him btw) it left me drained of energy and felt my legs wobbly.

But I persevered and never gave up, that's when I saw hope, coming from the back of the group of the furries are the army of Futanari girls and big t*tty gothic lolita police.

And that's when I made my mistake, because of momentarily distraction one if the foxy furry managed to bites me and infect me with their furry virus.

If only I didn't lost focus,

If only I didn't get distracted, I would still be able to spend the Christmas with my family.

I would still be able to watch all of my bookmarks in HH futanari section, but it is what it is, I payed the price, but at least I won't allow my self to be converted and become a furry myself.

So with my resol

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