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Sabrina joined the Zhi Theta in her sophomore year. She was going to graduate high school in a matter of weeks and her sisterhood was not letting any opportunity at celebration go by. What the average outsider did not know was that the fraternity was a house of sexual training. The girls that formed a part of this sisterhood were trained as seductresses, mastering the art of the sensual and that allowed them to whore their ways to material success. That had always been the way of Zhi Theta and hence they had so many famous alumni to name. Sabrina knew that she would be somewhere on the list of the famous alumni once the graduation took place. She had a fabulous body that she knew how to use and she was looking forward to using it to forward her position in the modelling world. She had absolutely no idea that her entire world would be turned upside down in a matter of days.

Oblivious to her future Sabrina entered another party in full swing. As she entered the front door her clothes came off one by one. In the cloakroom, she was covered with edible body paint before she headed to the dance floor. Several drool-worthy men danced with similarly naked women. They were the sponsors for the party.

Sabrina felt a hand reach beneath her buttocks and finger her entrance from behind. She didn't care whose hand it was. She squeezed her eyes to take in the feel. The friction felt good as Sabrina could feel the wetness grow and trickle down between her legs. Her breathing became shallow as Sabrina peaked against the friction of the unknown hand.

"Way to go, babes," it was Rihanna's voice that encouraged her. The blonde girl that stepped forward was Sabrina's old friend and roommate.

"Thanks for the high, Ri," Sabrina thanked as Rihanna licked her juices off her fingers.

"Wanna go down on me in return?" Rihanna asked and Sabrina smirked. Sabrina enjoyed oral. It did not matter whether it was a man or a woman. She simply enjoyed the power-rush of having someone come undone with the simple flick of your tongue and fingers.

"Gladly," she said and knelt down before her. Rihanna placed one leg across her shoulder for better access. Sabrina noticed that Rihanna was reaching forward for support and it was one of the girls from the dorm whose breasts she was kneading while keeping herself steady. As this trio de menage took place the dance floor became more crowded as many others followed in their examples. They were licking and thrusting to the music, a different kind of dance indeed. When Rihanna was about to come she lost her balance and strong hands grabbed her back to steady her before pounding into her nether-hole at full force. Sabrina resorted to licking his ball as she proceeded with her oral. Her fingers were moving in and out of her friend's drenched pussy as she kept screaming for more. Once Rihanna was spent, the man pulled out of her asshole and thrust himself inside Sabrina's open mouth without even bothering to clean himself. He was huge and Sabrina almost gagged before her throat adjusted to his size. As Sabrina continued her oral Rihanna had been swept to one of the couches where two men continued to pound into her, one in each hole. Rihanna's loud screams were soon cut off by another dick that took her very vocal mouth. Sabrina was getting her own high but as always nothing ever satiated her completely. Even when the man turned her around on all fours and proceeded to pound into her instead of letting her pleasure him Sabrina did not feel satisfied. It was not her first time in these kinds of orgies. She had lost her virginity in one of these parties with four different men at once. The boys were too drunk to remember which two went into her first and she was sloshed as well. When Sabrina felt another dick enter her pussy she felt the tightness as a welcome change. She had a very wide vagina and it wasn't something that she was proud of. The men were never big enough for her and she never had the feeling

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